06 - Media Library

Duration: 3 min 20 sec
Chapter 6 dives into the functions and possibilities of the Media Library in Neos.


Welcome back to the Neos Training created for you by Paints Multimedia.

In this final chapter we will focus on the Media Library.

After logging in to Neos, we are in the backend of our training website again.

The media library can be accessed via the Menu button under Management with a click on the item Media. 

The media library contains all media used in the project, meaning images, documents, videos and audio files.

That also includes media that is not yet used or not used anymore on the website.

On the main page of the media library the following actions are possible:

Upload files, Search media, Edit tags, Filter and sort media, and Edit media.

Files can either be uploaded by clicking on the area "Drop files here or click to upload", or by dragging and dropping the file from the file explorer on the same area.

In the field "Search" the media can be searched by the file name, title and label.

Tags offer the possibility to group images and filter them quickly and easily. Groups can be created, edited or deleted by clicking on the “Edit tags” button.

After its’ activation, tags can be created by entering a name and clicking on the "Create Tag" button. To edit a tag, click on the "Edit Tag" button next to the respective tag.

To delete a tag click, on the "Delete Tag"-button next to the respective tag.

The tags can be assigned to files by dragging them to the respective tag in the overview or by selecting the desired tags in the edit mode of the file.

On the top right, you have the option between three buttons: "Filter options" "Sort options", "List view" or "Thumbnail view". With these buttons, you can filter, arrange or display the files according to the selected criteria.

If there are media files already uploaded in the library, they can be edited, replaced or deleted by clicking on the respective file itself or on the button at the lower right of the file.

When editing the image, you can also set or change the title and the label of the file, assign tags and view the location where the file is used in the project.

The file name of a file cannot be changed in Neos. This is only possible by renaming the local file in the file explorer and then replacing it in the Neos media library. When the file is replaced, it is copied to all places used in the project.

You have now finished the training about the Media Library within Neos.

Congratulation, with this video we reach the end of this tutorial series about the basics of Neos, thank you for your attention. 

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