04 - XY Row & Column Elements

Duration: 2 min 32 sec
Chapter 4 explores the XY Row & XY Column elements, also called Column elements.


Welcome back to the Neos Training created for you by Paints Multimedia.

Our focus in this chapter will be the XY Row and Column Elements.

After logging in to Neos, we are in the backend of our training website again.

We start by adding an XY Row element to our website. The XY Row, also called column element, is a very extensive module and offers many different possibilities, especially in regard to layouts.

Inside one XY Row several columns can be placed. These can be displayed horizontally and vertically to each other. With the help of the "Column Width" in the inspector on the right the width of a column can be specified.

Within a column, further elements such as headlines, texts or images are placed. As you can see here, we add a headline and a button inside the first, a text into the second and an image into the third column. The height of each column is regulated by their contents.

As mentioned before, several columns can be placed within one XY Row, but if there is too little space to display the columns, they break into the next line.

For example if you change the width for our first two columns to 50%, any column added after them automatically breaks into a new line. The same applies to columns added before or between the two columns, although they would trigger different line breaks depending on where they would be inserted.

You have now finished the training about the XY Row and Column Elements within Neos.

In the next video we will cover Reference Elements. Thank you for your attention.

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