01 - Basics & Navigation

Duration: 2 min 22 sec
Chapter 1 teaches you about the navigation within Neos and the Content Management System's most basic functions.


Welcome to the Neos Training created for you by Paints Multimedia. In this tutorial series we will provide you with an online training about the content management system Neos.

In the first chapter we will cover the basics to help you to find your way around in Neos.

Before we will get to the practical part of using the system let's quickly cover some essential terminology and, after logging in, the overall structure of Neos.

So what is a content management system? A system like Neos allows you to manage the contents and structure of your website without in-depth comprehension of web programming and scripting.

The part of a content management system that is used for editing the website is called the backend. We are currently in the backend. Here, you can add pages and publish content on them. No worries, we will cover each area step by step.

This screen is called the frontend. It refers to the visual presentation of the website that users see in their browsers.

Now let's login to Neos backend again and go over the overall structure.

The backend is mainly divided into four areas: The first area is located on the left side and contains the Page Tree in which the site structure is built and edited. Here, you can also find the second area, the Element Tree. The element tree enables you to edit the elements and contents inside each page.

In the middle you can see the third area, the Content Area, which is also the biggest of the four areas. Here, you can directly add or edit content elements.

And finally, on the right side the fourth area is located and is called the inspector. The inspector gives you access to the properties of each element.

When clicking on the user settings in the upper right of the Neos interface, you can change your settings. Here, you have the opportunity to either change the language, enter your personal details or change your password. 

You have now finished the training about the basics within Neos.

In the next video we will cover how to add and edit page contents, thank you for your attention. 

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